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How to play Minesweeper?

Discover the classic game of Minesweeper revisited for enthusiasts and beginners.
The goal? Find all the squares without mines while avoiding deadly traps.

Left-click: Reveal a square. Simple, but be careful!
Right-click: Place a flag to indicate a suspicious square.

The Numbers: The Minesweeper game offers you clues. Each numbered square tells you how many mines are nearby (above, below, to the left, to the right, and diagonally).
Use these clues to navigate skillfully through the minefield.
For example, if a square indicates "1" and only one neighboring square remains hidden, you can be sure that a mine is there!

Did you click on a mine? Game Over. Try your luck again and improve your Minesweeper skills.

The counter in the top left indicates the number of mines left to find.
The counter in the top right is a timer. Your goal is also to finish the Minesweeper game as quickly as possible!

There are 3 classic difficulty levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert, the most difficult.
As a bonus, other levels are available on the More page, and can be unlocked by completing the previous levels.